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Experience with Golden Nib Super Badger Knots?

Not too long ago, I made the mistake of purchasing a Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Brush. Even if it didn't shed like my mastiff in the summertime, the loft is far too high. Imagine face lathering with a handful of cooked spaghetti. It is about a week after the vendor accepts returns so that option is out. The one thing about the brush that is nice is the elegant, chrome-trimmed faux ebony handle. I stumbled upon the Golden Nib's website and they have some fair-priced 22mm knots that will fit the handle. I am leaning toward the Super Fan knot because I have no experience with a fan and the price is right. All of my brushes to this point are bulbs or hybrid bulbs (save the Parker that I am planning to restore).

My question is, does anyone have any experience with this particular knot? Is it good for face lathering? I am looking for a 3 band knot. Can anyone suggest a different Golden Nib knot that I may like better or even a knot from another vendor? This will be my first attempt at brush restoration. Thanks.

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I had one, but l found I liked the two band much better. Even though it was "super silvertip" it was a bit prickly for me, the finest had a softer face feel, but with more backbone. But I know lots of people do like them.
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I have a super badger 22 mm knot/brush, and a two band 22mm knot/brush. Both are fans, the super badger is still very new, only about 8 lathers. After blooming it is a larger brush than the two band. The tips are still a bit prickly, and I hope they soften up soon. The two band that I am comparing it to is about 18 months old, and when comparing the two at this point, I prefer it. Whipped Dog silver tips are super soft, but mine was a shedder.
I have a TGN 22mm Super. I am not thrilled with it. I find it hangs on to the lather and is a bit prickly. I prefer their Finest and Silver Tips.
Yeah, I have to say it's true for me too. I've actually just popped out a super knot from a barber-shop style handle handle. I'm not sure whether to set it at a lower loft, or just give up. It's just too floppy and soft, and I would say the tips aren't even as soft as the finest 2 band. It's not that it's bad, it's just that the TGN 2-band finest, either version, are really, really good.
TGN now shows three different 'finest knots'--super, f2 and regular finest. I'm guessing that the super you folks are referring to is the regular super badger and not the super 2 band finest?
That's correct. Although, to make this thread just a little more confusing, I ended up picking an HMW and their "Super" Finest knots for my two projects.
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