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Evolution of wet-shaving-My Take

I've been at this wet-shaving thing for about a year now and it's interesting how things evolve and change. As always, YMMV, but here's my take:

I started off in Dec/2012 with a Frank Shaving 3 piece razor, 22mm best brush, and accompanying stand. Ordered off the 'bay from China all for about 40 bucks. Which at the time I thought was a bunch. I had not stumbled onto B&B at the time.

It showed up roughly 2-3 weeks later, I went to CVS and bought some Wilkerson blades, since I thought that's where you buy shaving supplies. I found a few blogs/tutorials on blade angle, how to hold the razor, etc. as most do, I just went at it. And actually the results weren't too bad, so,I thought. Only 7-8 weepers and maybe one good cut. This is on one or two random passes mind you.

After a couple weeks and several cuts/weepers later, I stumbled onto this fine forum. JACKPOT!! All the info I could possibly want. I lurked for a couple weeks, got some pointers from tutorials and actually started shaving somewhat nicely- again, so I thought.

I ordered a Parker 99R TTO along with a slew of other shaving gear from various sources. I bought too much, way too fast and struggled to find my way because I wouldn't take the experienced advice and use the same gear for 30 days straight. Hone my skills, and get started correctly. I went through too many razors and didn't give them a proper chance.

I bought, sold, traded, re-bought, and went through many, many razors, blades, brushes, soaps, creams, and a/s.

Before really finding my go-to products I then decided to give straights a try-BAD IDEA. I shredded my face on numerous occasions and was still using some DE gear too. Really not using any if it to the best of my ability. So again, I bought, sold, traded, and wasted money on straight gear. I wish I'd waited. I'll likely give straights a shot again in 2015.

After that I found myself a participant in the October Highland Shaving Challenge. Where you choose your gear, and use the same gear all month long. This really has become a turning point in my shaving journey. It allowed me to concentrate on method, blade angle, creating lather properly, and likes/dislikes in that particular setup. In the end, I felt. I was shaving much better and more efficiently after participating in this challenge.

I continued to sell off much of my gear and concentrate in what seems to be working for me.

I had settled on a Tradere SB razor, Weber DLC, Weber PH, Gillette Tech, Fatboy, Slim, Flairtip Super Speed(in reality I use my Gillettes rarely, but get a very good shave and love the vintage razors) -And I also have the FS kit I first ordered and won't part with it either.

I still had a plethora of blades, but settled on Gillette Silver Blues, Astras, and 7 o' clock blacks and also kept my Feathers, though I had somewhat put them aside.

For brushes I was fortunate enough to get in on the "Chief" Group Buy. So I have my "Chief" brush which I'll never part with. I also had 2 Rudy Vey brushes I got early on, and just really like them so I still have them. I have a Vie-Long great face lather brush, a butterscotch Rooney, an Omega Travel brush, a 24mm, 30mm, and 24mm pottery(all 3 Whipped Dog brushes.

I had tried soaps, croaps, and creams all in the beginning. I had settled on creams and a few croaps that I could lather. I sold off many soaps because I didn't have the knack of lathering soap yet. I had an entourage of TOBS creams, some Al's croaps, QCS croaps, and RazoRock.

I tried many, many, many A/S and determined I was purely a BR guy. I went through many bay rums and landed on the Captain's bay rums- all of them. I still have some Bonny Doon and St Johns, but rarely reach for them. I also typically splash on some Lucky Tiger somewhere between after the shave and before splashing on some bay rum.

I was pretty set on my setup. I was getting DFS regularly and enjoying this hobby.

I've since gotten a few new things. A Shavemac brush, a Rooney Heritage Stubby 1 -3 band, 2 Wolf Whiskers brushes, and a ATT R2 Kronos. (OK- I have a bit of BAD)

Which leads me to tonights' shave:

I grabbed a Feather blade, put it in my ATT R2, I also grabbed a mystery puck of a soap. I don't know what it is, it's in a glass dish with no label. It smelled like a Sandalwood, but not sure. I also grabbed my Rooney Heritage brush and gave this all a go. I hadn't used a Feather in a while, and definitely not in the ATT M2. I also hadn't used a soap in months. I've used croaps, but not a true soap.


I had a wonderful shave. I was able to make a wonderful lather with the soap, a truly BBS shave with the ATT M2 with Feather blade. I still went with my typical Captain's BR

I guess the point here is give things a chance before moving to the next item. You must find your way and give it time. Things will come together. Here it is almost a year into this and I feel like I'm just now starting to "hit my stride". Also, if it doesn't work today, put in a drawer and try it again later. Obviously, this applies more to newbies than those that are experienced.

Lastly, read the tutorials and listen to those that have the experience. They've seen/heard/read a lot and have a wealth of knowledge and tips. Thank you to all the experienced wet-shavers that answers questions and offer advice to those of us that lack the knowledge and experience. Some are hard-headed such as myself, therefore it sometimes takes a while to "get it".

Cheers and happy shaving,

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