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Evolution and the Razor

From the article:

"The writer believes that the five-blade razor is no better or worse than the three; the three no better or worse than the two. Nevertheless, every possible variation on the razor was unleashed, pointing toward a strange but basic truth of life and marketing alike: that it is after a problem has already been solved that ever more varied and splendid solutions to it start to appear."


"To Wiki or Not To Wiki, That's The Question".
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Good read.

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[...] Devil’s Theory of Innovation

When the writer’s teen-age son recently wanted to start shaving, the writer bought him a bag of disposable Bics.
The author of the New Yorker article had a burgeoning collection of bull**** modern razors, not a DE among them as far as I can tell. I am not sure how the explosive growth of interest in wet-shaving would fit into his overall thesis of prosperity and plenty leading to an irresistible drive toward the next big modern thing. Seems mostly true, but how do we all fit in?
The market hasn't really matured until they start praising some new thing using new lingo to obscure the fact they're really talking about the old thing. When the big hype sounds really bizarre and is, in the end, just a single blade hidden in who knows what... Let the kiddies think they know better.
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