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Ever try your razor hone on knives?

Heck yeah. I really only use my Soft/Hard Arks for knives nowadays but I've used all my stones interchangably before. The only stone I don't use on razors is my Norton Crystolon. That one is knife only, for obvious reasons.


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I tend to have my knife stones, and my razor stones. But there are crossovers. I don't much use Washita or Turkey stones for razors, for example. I have slates that are a bit pointless for knives, but finish a razor. I will use my Idwalls for both, though I have one that lives in the kitchen that only gets used for kitchen knives....

At this point I have a silly number of rocks, so different stones tend to have specific tasks assigned to them. But that's not to say they couldn't serve multiple uses if needed. Some just seem to perform better for different cutlery, so that's what they do in my house.
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