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Ever Ready - should I restore?

My dad has an old ever ready (not sure the model or age) and the knot seems a bit worn. I was considering replacing the knot but not sure what I am getting into with that or if its worth doing.

I was considering a boar knot as well. I have two TOBS badger brushes that I like a lot, but I wanted something a bit stiffer for the in-between soaps (not quite a soap, not quite a cream) like Cella or Arko. Is badger better for harder soaps like that or is that a wrong assumption as well.

Sorry for the abundance of questions, I don't know much in the realm of brushes. Thanks in advance.
I think i tis worth it and it is not all that hard. Get a TGN Finest knot and it will work with all soaps, creams, and croaps. PM me and I am more than happy to answer questions, whatever...
I don't know how worn it might be, but have you tried to use it as is? I have my grandfather's 200T and my first thought was to replace the knot, then thought I would just try it as is. Been using it about 6 months now, and its doing well. Its got quite a different feel from my Omega boar, but I like using it knowing its the original knot.
Blondie, thanks for the feedback. I will PM you with the rest of my questions, thanks for the offer.

SAPed, I haven't thought about trying it as is though I suppose I could easily enough. Maybe I will do that first and see what its like. Looks pretty worn though. I will try to post some pics soon.
I encourage you to reknot the brush. I've done dozens now and, truly, if i can do it...
Plenty of help here and it will be satisfying to use something so old that now works like new, quite possibly better than new.
You will also be able to build it to your specifications, your needs.
And um... we really need pics.:001_smile
Ok, I finally picked the brush up and took a couple of quick pics. Its an Ever Ready, I think the model on the bottom is 100T. Not sure the origin or age, still interested in replacing the knot and using it though. Is this still something to use Flitz on?


Try some soapy water and a toothbrush first to remove the dirt and dried soap. Then follow the instructions on B&B in the Wiki for cleaning the brush knot. Then polish it with Flitz and a microfiber towel or rag.

That brush looks like it has a lot of life left in it from what I can see. It will be great to use something from your Dad. Good luck and be sure to post your after photos. Enjoy your shaves.

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