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Ever had one of those days.

I'm gathering my stuff to spend the weekend at my girlfriends house.

I pack all the necessities.

Finally, to pack the shaving gear.

I put my TOBS Sandalwood in the backpack.
Give it a good whiff before packing. Love the scent.

Carefully put my shaving brush in its box and pack it.
Just a Frank Shaving finest badger but it gets the job done.

Chose a pack of blades, Timor, and put it in my loveley Mühle DE razor travel case.
Don't really like them but I'm too cheap to throw them away so It'll be one shave per blade.

Packed the case and left the house.

Went by the post office and picked up my new alum sticks.
Got a really good deal from the Italian eBay.
I was really looking for a block but you guys showed me the way of the deo stick.

Halfway there, while I'm fantasizing about my next shave and first use of alum, and then it hit me.

Here's a question to the observant reader.

What have I forgotten? :sad:
Ooops...by the way you put it I could see you were packing everything with so much care...really sorry that you forgot your razor!
Oh bummer….. And you planned everything else out so well!!! Hope you are able to figure something out.

- Badger Bill
Hope you were able to get your razor! I was afraid that this was another "broken ceramic dish" or other breakable object . . . glad nothing was permanently damaged.
I feel for ya. When I started overnighting at my girlfriend's I brought a few things to leave over there so I wouldn't do what you did. I brought my cheapest Simpson (Special), a little tin bowl, some Arko & Erasmic creams & a Yuma razor. I left the expensive stuff at home, although the Yuma is easily my #1 or #2 favorite razor. As time has gone by another Simpson (my Berkeley) & some of my D.R. Harris products have slowly started making their way over there. I'm sure more & more will follow...
Lol permanently made dopp kit my friend... if I forgot something it would be the whole dang kit, instead of having everything there taunting you cause you left that one key element. I leave mine in the truck just in case I am running late for work, I can shave after I arrive.
Get a sharp knife. A blade is a blade. I've used a fruit paring knife while out camping. Just don't expect anything BBS.
And I had so looked forward to the shave :-(

You are absolutely right about the taunting. I could feel them staring at me from my wetpack

I've had similar experiences using my hunting knife or pocket knife. But why bother mauling myself.

I could've just grabbed a razor and shaved holding it but that sort af defeats the point of the self pampering I'm used to ;-)

What can I say. Once I went DE, my goal would always be BBS with the extra pampering.

I do have a mach fusion over here with new cartridges but somehow it just feels wrong.

She prefers me scruffy anyway and she hasn't see a lot of it lately since I started DE shaving ;-)
Ouch that's tough. I too smell that TOBS sandalwood. It's amazing that some folks absolutely hate the scent.

Well, to each his own and the ever popular YMMV I guess.

Me, I got the red and the green Proraso soaps for Christmas that everybody here seems to love.

You know what?

I can't stand either scents or the minty freshness on my skin from the green :-(

Man was I surprised about that.

I really expected to like them, love them even.

I can lather them easily enough but I really don't like the scents.

And I repeat, to each his own ;-)

Back to topic, I'll probably pack a complete shave kit when I get back so that I won't be disappointed a second time
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