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Esterbrook is back

Kevan... You missed the Conklins from this Yokel who is doing the Esterbrooks
Yes. Before the Conklin name was sold to Yafa. The current incarnation of Conklin seems alright, especially if you can find a good deal on one.

This pretty much sums up my viewpoint on it. While I think it's a bit unfair that the community is completely trashing the new company and bringing up Esterbrook's pricing from the past, the new company also isn't doing itself any favors by just slapping the name on the pen and expecting us to buy based on the name alone.

Simply being a "Chinese revival with the Esterbrook name" isn't *insulting* the heritage of Esterbrook IMO. Esterbrook is long dead. These people bought the rights, they're making pens...they can do whatever they want. But since their success ultimately depends on us, a niche community, they should be making more effort to court our interest or they will die out too.
I have read all or most of the 18+ pages of the discussion over at FPN, most of what is getting trashed is some of their behavior. Deleting legitimate questions rather than answering them, in one case they picked up material from Brian Anderson's site, and used it on their own, no attribution/acknowledgement, not asking just took it. Brian called him on it publicly and they reacted very poorly. This guy must believe that because he owns the rights to the Esterbrook name all of those kinds of things (images etc) automatically belong to him without doing it the right way. All Brian asked for was attribution/acknowledgement of who owned that particular image. (From the collection of:) type of thing.
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