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eShave Barber towel?

Anyone use these? Are they worth the hype? 10 bucks on westcoastshaving.com Lol Is it worth the shipping?
Well I have this towel and yes, I believe it is well worth the price. Both the shape and the thickness of the towel really aid a "Kyle" style pre-shave routine.
Alright thanks! Well Got laid off since i post this..so my AD is on hold...will be my next purchase along with a brush...
nmerth--I'm really sorry about you getting laid off...I never thought I'd do the long office walk with my life in a box, until a round of budget cuts made it so. It's happening all over.
The best shaving towels I've found are actually dish towels I got at a place called Tuesday Morning. They are flat weave 100% cotton and even have stripes across each end. After a couple of washings they get really soft and absorbent. They are a little larger than most shaving towels, about 10" by
18" but work well. Can't beat the price. Second choice would be the towels from classicshaving if they still offer them.
They do still offer the bundle of towels at Classic Shaving! That was gunna be My next question... way cheaper for a bundle of five I think!
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