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Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks


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Okay....the same seller had these 2 stones and I couldn't resist the unnamed slate that looks quite a bit like the Thuri above......and the Ark may be something useful. Could this be a Thuri also?

I would also be surprised if that turns out as a Thuri. Especially the look of the backside, were you see the stone naturally broken I suppose - don't see any chissel marks, looks very unusual for thuringian slate stones.


Rose to the occasion
I'm sure I'll find a use for it regardless of identification, name, or heritage. No stone left behind. I can't wait to unravel that Ark, it appears more oil than stone.
Ark looks like a semi-translucent washita.

I always think of them as "Turkey" Washita's... because one eBay seller listed one YEARS ago as a Turkey stone; with the description explaining (This is paraphrased from memory):

"These are called Turkey Stones in 19th century books because of how the surface looks like turkey skin".

Not the kind of thing I forget easily.
So a Small lot with a ~$50 shipped BIN turned up. Had 25+ watchers... so I didn't get the jump on anyone, but it was OBO, so Im guessing some others were sending offers to save a few bucks.

Was all junk except one stone... it had a pretty obvious DB Thuri in the 6x1.25" variety... and I figured... well $50 isn't a bad price for that, I'll pay asking.

So it arrives in 2 days and I glance quickly over the other stones... and the little 4" sliver felt a bit finer than I expected... worth a few seconds to lap it...

And I uncover a Tam... Cute.

The big surprise though was that I was wrong. It's not a DB Thuri...


(It's actually a 2 tone... but the bluegreen/darker side is only about 2mm thick and only covers about 2/3 of the backside (it's Y/G throughout the other 1/3)... so not worth lapping to show)
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I flipped myself... Bought another obvious thuri for just over $50 shipped... also 6"...

Was pretty confident it'd be a y/g or LG... it's a very dark blue green or very light dark blue...

Has some clouds so I'm willing to call it a blue green, but I suspect they probably labeled it dark blue.

Y/G from last week on left... New bg/db in middle... an old 6" db I've owned on right.


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