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I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
I stopped by the P.D. this morning. This made 4 local officers killed in the line of duty in just over a year.
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I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
One of my LEO Customs co-workers just passed away within the last hour from Covid complications.
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Damn auto correct doesn’t speak English or Spanglish!

I corrected the post.

Co-worker just died from Covid complications.
I am sorry. It's not hit close to me, confirmed anyway. My son is "essential" and was self quarentined here with me and my main squeeze back in the Spring d/t possible exposure and a 2 day low grade fever. I'm a reluctantly disabled RN and no diagnostician, but I'm about 49% convinced he had it.

Again, sorry for your coworker and his loved ones.
A very close family friend passed on the 4th. I considered him, and called him Uncle Larry. He dated my aunt for over a decade, and even after they broke up, my grandparents still considered him to be like a son to them. He organized the police escort for my grandmother's funeral in 2001, and led the funeral procession.
I remember always asking him to handcuff me when he came over in uniform when I was a kid and we were visiting.
He was also a Vietnam veteran, and was awarded a Bronze Star, which I never knew about.

Larry Gillespie
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