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Encouraging thing to see today

So, I was real busy all day (even though it is a day "off") and one of my tasks was to get my hair cut since it was way overdue. In the interest of time, I decided to try a "barber" I see quite often in a shopping center, but never been there. My usual shop is out of the way from where I needed to go.

I walk in to this joint and what do I see? A man receiving a straight razor shave from one of the barbers. I figured that meant good things, and I proceeded to have a nice cut with a straight razor shave on the neck. I forgot to see how much they are charging for the shave, but I think I'll be back to find out.

Anyway, just encouraging to see a place that isn't exactly "high-end" (the cut was $15) offering a service like straight razor shaving. Even more encouraging, the barber was probably 40 at most, so it is not just old-timers still practicing it.
In a mall nonetheless! People enjoy writeups of barbershop shaves, if you get one let us know how it went.
It was a strip mall type place, not an indoor mall. Still, glad to see it regardless.

Where's this barber shop at? I'm in Leesburg fairly often and it'd be nice to know somewhere to go for a decent haircut if I'm in need.
We have a large enclosed mall here with a shop that caters to both, hairdressers and barbers all in the same shop.

We also have a barbershop downtown that offers straight razor, disposable blade for health reasons, shaves for $10.00. :thumbup1:
The place I went was Dulles Barber and the location I went to was in Sterling/Cascades. The address I found online is 21000 Southbank Street, Sterling, but I think that just puts you in the shopping center. The shop itself is next to the Giant supermarket. Its not far off Route 7. Its a pretty large commercial area. There is a Home Depot nearby, Ted's Montana Grill, The Don's Pizza (which I think is some of the best pizza I've had in N.Va since moving here from NY), and Robeks to point a few things out that may spark a memory.

There is another Dulles Barber in Ashburn/Broadlands which may be the same ownership. I went in there once about a year ago while waiting for some auto related work and it was a similar look inside. I didn't notice any straight shaving, nor was my neck done with a straight, so I didn't take much out of there besides my hair cut. Yelp has a few good reviews for the Ashburn shop. The Sterling store I think only had two, pretty good reviews.

I'll just repeat that I've only been there once. So if you go and it stinks, don't shoot the messenger. I just know I am going back after my first experience.

Also they only take cash. I just went into Giant and bought a pack of gum on debit and got some cash back. Like I said, a cut was only $15 and I forgot to look at the board for the price of a shave.
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