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Enchante RMWS Brush

The scheduled release date is September some time. The knot is ~26mm and I do not have numbers on the loft, but as far as the badger goes it will be one size fits all. As for the handle those will come in a s/m/l size to fit that knot.
I just spoke with Chas a few hours ago. He is working through some last minute packaging and labeling issues and should have it resolved soon. He is ever hopeful that they will be selling and shipping by the end of the month.
methodshaving.com said:
I just spoke with Chas a few hours ago. He is working through some last minute packaging and labeling issues and should have it resolved soon. He is ever hopeful that they will be selling and shipping by the end of the month.

Ahem...just checking
ANy minute now. The first round of brushes are complete and there has been a minor snag with the packaging and labeling but it should be fixed by early next week. Don't hold me to that, but I know they are building up stock and will be able to ship as soon as this is fixed.

Do you know if these are 100% handmade brushes or partially handmade/partially machine made ? Just curious mor ethan anything else.

I am looking forward to purchasing one of these.


I just would really like to see delivery/availability actually MATERIALIZE...

I don't remember what the price was going to be, either... :confused:

Anyone know??
This was the entire last e-mail that I received from Charles R:

Dear Howard,

Thanks very much for your inquiry regarding Shavemaster. We are in fact closing in on a release date of 3 October. However, I will only have a mere handful of brushes available for sale at that time. An informal waiting list has already formed and I am alarmed by its length. Indeed, despite my best efforts to keep this thing mum, the indefatigable power of the Internet has rendered my efforts largely superfluous. I suspect several weeks of backorders are in store for all of us.
Depending on how the next several days go, I will probably compile an official wait list of buyers who want brushes. As product becomes available I will contact each buyer in turn--first come, first served. I hope, though, that no such list will be necessary. At the same time, I absolutely will not accelerate production to meet demand under any circumstances. Each brush is hand turned, hand knotted and hand finished. No imperfect brush will be shipped to anyone;no exception.
For the present, please check my website at www.enchanteonline.com for the Shavemaster link. I suspect that by the time we actually post the brushes there will be enough available to satisfy expected demand.
I very much appreciate your inquiry. Let me know how I can be of further assistance. Best regards, Chas Roberts
Ryan, my personal feeling is that the brush is creating alot of hype. We will need to wait until someone buys one and gives us a review.
Personally, I also feel that just about EVERY new brush creates a ridiculous amount of hype. The key is managing expectations. I still LOVE my SMF brush! I think that's because I had no "delusions of grandeur" that it would positively cement my place in shaving nirvana... :rolleyes:

IMHO, It's just a GREAT brush for the price, period. Many others have sold theirs (for whatever reason) probably due to expecting much more than they feel they received.

With the "Shavemaster," I simply see it as a brush designed by C.A.R. to be the best tool for Methodshaving with Hydrolast products (which is what I use most of the time). I don't currently own a Simpson's (still too pricey for me) and have been Method Shaving with my Vulfix 41.

To me - this brush represents all that Chas. Roberts says is "superior" in a Simpson's brush, for basically half the price. My only question is how he's going to position this brush up against some of the $450-$600 Manchurian models (which he has always said are superior to anything else, etc.). Not that it's any of my business how he markets his products. Just curious... :huh:

You are right on the money. This brush really is designed for Method Shaving and the HydroLast product line. That is the big appeal, I can tell you from my beta brush that it does make a nice difference. Enough that everyone should run out an buy one, no, but you sound like a good canidate!!

As for the massively expensive Simpson's. Well I think the answer is two fold. One it is something nice to own a handcrafted piece of tradition with a name like Simpsons. To some price is not an issue, and Simpson's make a quality product and has done so for a long time. The other side of this is a concept Methodologists (Thanks Joe!!) call velocity. The Shave Master is designed as a High velocity and Simpson's is a traditional low velocity brush. When I use traditional English style creams the Simpsons is my go to brush, and when using HydroLast the SM will be my brush. I don't think many people will feel cheated becuase he built a brush cheaper. I no I won't.

Any new info as to availability of the SM brush ? I hope this won't be like the Rooney episode where it has taken over a year from product announcement to general availability. Also, is it still the case that the brush loft/knot will be offered in one size but with three different handle sizes ? Thanks.

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