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Edwin Jagger Best Badger vs. Super Badger

What's the difference? I already own a small EJ Best Badger Brush, which is great for travelling. Now I want to add a large EJ Brush and came across the Super Badger. Is it worth the extra expense?
Don't know about the Best, but I had a medium in Super and it was a nice brush, very soft and everything, but after a year or so I got a different one for soaps as it was getting a bit too floppy. I'd imagine a large Super'd be even more likely to have this character. I think the knot-density's the key isn't it?
I have a C&E Edwin Jagger Super Badger Large brush which for creams is fantastic, but it is a bit of a cream hog. It works for soaps, but not as well as a few other silvertip brushes I have that are stiffer. One key that helps when using softer brushes on soaps is besides soaking the brush in hot water is to put a tablespoon of hot water on the soap and let it soak. Then pour about a 1/3 of that water into your lathering mug/bowl, run your brush around on top of the soap and load it up.

The hot water helps to soften up the soap a bit so it makes it easier for a softer brush to pick it up, otherwise you'll have to apply more pressure, which will cause your brush to become more mushroomed over time.
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