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I want to list something as a BIN listing on eBay but I won't be able to ship it for a few days. There's an official way of letting buyers know that there will be a delay in shipping. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks.
You could either:
1) set a scheduled start date for the listing for a couple of days to give yourself time or
2) explain in the description
3) under the shipping field you can update the handling time to the number of days it may take to ship.
Thanks but I mean something else. There's a way to start the listing immediately but have a notice at the top of the listing that tells buyers you won't be able to ship for a few days.
Just put a para in the description that states, "Shipping will be on or after [date] due to seller commitments". That's all you have to say.
I would put it in the description saying that will be able to ship only on XX date.

That's what I would do. I just have to ask though, is there any reason why you can't list it a little later on? You know when you would have no problem shipping it quickly, or is that not possible?
I see no problem with this. So long as you put in the description that it will ship at a later date and it's within seven days of auctions end, you should have no complaints.
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