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Ebay: bottom adjustable?

About once a week.

I just sent him an offer for it.

I might have gone higher than I wanted, but I think I can afford it.

15 bucks is a bit pricey.:lol:
That's insane!! I mean, sure it's rare and cool, but $995!?!?!?!? No way....not even if SWMBO was going to let me, no freaking way.
Didn't it used to $1500?

We've seen several in the stupid-expensive category over the last year that I've been here. Toggles and bottom-adjustables are rare, yes. And if someone is stupid enough to pay that price, then we'll all be wrong about the value estimates of rare razors. Me, I can't see that razor being worth over $250, and really I wouldn't pay that, so I suppose I don't think it's worth over $150.
from the wiki:
date code with year and quarter" F-4 1960 4th quarter, underside, and bottom:

from ebay:
date coded F-4 but I am told this does not correspond with the Gillette date codes exactly and it is safe to say this razor was sold in 1956

how safe is he?
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