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Easily satisfied

I'm going to use the dreaded C word: Contentment. It's looking at what you have and saying "OK, that's good". It's not that you wouldn't mind more but it is no longer a hard priority.
I'm writing a book on the art of contentment. Some of it is centered on this whole idea of collecting things. It's OK to collect things but don't let the things collect you. Don't let the lack of a thing make you unhappy or miserable or jealous.
I bought some colored EnerGels because I wanted to start using colors in my planning. I didn't have to do it but I thought it would expand my daily and weekly planning.


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It's looking at what you have and saying "OK, that's good".

In my case, it's probably more like "OK, that's good enough". I did buy a few more items than I needed, looking for signs of "better", and to understand what that actually means. However, it turned out that it wasn't better at all, just more stuff that was essentially (or apparently) up to the same standard. For example, I think I have five shades of blue ink. They're all slightly different, but all perfectly adequate too. I think I've already covered the fact that what many other people tend to consider better in pens - actually isn't - or at least, isn't better for me.


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Giving this "contentment" suggestion from @H4nk more thought, I reckon that quantity owned probably "forced" (or at least encouraged) that conclusion.

I currently have 9 user pens (plus some duplicates stashed away), 12 boxes of cartridges, and 8 bottles of ink. All of which feels rather excessive to someone not actively trying to collect. They all do what's needed (having already discarded all the uncomfortable pens, and Diamine Amaranth ink), and while "better" might exist, the scale of improvement likely won't justify the amount of additional spending needed, and all the additional "stuff" accumulating.

Then there's what I already have. Even if I did discover "better", would I still use the old stuff, or dispose of it. If I were to still use it, despite owning "better", then what I currently have is... here we go... good enough. Which makes more accumulating pretty meaningless (to me).


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I had a eureka moment today. This thread is complete gibberish, as I'm not easily satisfied at all! In fact, I have a very narrow band of fountain pens that I actually like. It just so happens that the ones I like tend to be low cost. Well, that and low cost is one of my required parameters too :tongue_sm

This came about with me having multiple silver coloured and plain stainless pens inked up, then grabbing the wrong pen, and only noticing when the wrong colour ink came out. As such, I decided to put together a wish list of coloured bodied pens (to match the ink) to consider adding through this year.

It went something like this...

Nah, not that one... needs the wrong cartridges
Nah, not that one... it's over £20
Nah, not that one... threaded section for a twist off cap
Nah, not that one... it's plastic
Nah, not that one... the section isn't round
Nah, not that one... too big a step from barrel to grip
(I wasn't even looking at vintage/pre-owned pens, which are nearly ALL non-starters for me)

So I'm not easily satisfied in the slightest! I just seem to like the stuff others hate, and hate the stuff others like. :lol:
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