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Duke 4 in Ivory - SHD knot

A few mm taller and wider than a D3 with a 24mm maggards SHD knot currently mocked up.

I also have a TGN finest in once if the pics with the maggards beside it. But I think I will go with the SHD. What do you think? Also, increase loft or leave right? Opinions welcome

9764AA7A-56E0-4F07-B470-51C1F661A10F.jpeg D4C6461B-FF2A-4EA6-BD76-5A52E74D2B1E.jpeg 023DED5C-94B3-4FBB-B8E5-F8314C84D14E.jpeg 0540874D-D935-41B1-8116-C0327AD151D3.jpeg D0FEFF4E-0041-4F10-9ECD-DBF41B3D04D4.jpeg
Seems like a good call. The SHD gives a nice white/black/white look. I don’t know if I would raise the loft, don’t the SHDs bloom pretty wide?
don’t the SHDs bloom pretty wide?
I haven’t had enough to speak of them all, but nothing too crazy and choking up on the loft seems to tighten it up pretty easily.

Measured and handle is 49mm tall.
Knot at bottom is ~53mm loft
1 quarter underneath ~54.5 loft
2 quarter ~56
3 quarter ~57
Pics in order

431B5410-60DB-4AFE-A4F1-DF8BD33EC411.jpeg CD1E57B6-48B8-4F28-A3EC-392150C2F11F.jpeg 89ACBD8E-0C70-406E-B7AA-5E994F3A8F80.jpeg 084E7820-45EC-4689-B08B-C37094153C83.jpeg
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