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Drying soap in wooden bowl

Just got a bowl of C&E West Indian Lime. Any tips for letting it dry? I usually turn pucks upside down on a towl for a while, will that work with this loose puck?

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I just put the lid back on and let it warp.
I did notice that the sticker inside a D H Harris lid listing their other scents got all mildewed. I removed it and carried on in my typical cavalier fashion.
Since the bowl is wooden, I'd be more worried about it than the soap. Make sure that the bowl is wiped dry before you put it out to air. I would also leave the lid off the bowl until the soap has dried--perhaps 24 hours.
You could put the puck in something else, this is what I use.


After I shave I put the lid on and walk away.

The bowl should be treated/sealed for moisture. I think you are OK if you just be sure to pour off any excess water and go topless.
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