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Dry cleaning solution on a razor case?

Has anyone ever used a home dry cleaning solution to clean the cloth on a case? I think a Tuckaway case that I purchased did get this treatment as there seems to be some type of solvent impregnating the cloth.

Has anyone used this on a razor case before?
I think Naphtha was mentioned once as a proper solution to clean the cloth on a razor case.

If there is residual solution, I suspect someone may have used lighter fluid as a Naphtha substitute. Some lighter fluids aren't 100% Naphtha, contain some oil, and that would get left behind as the Naphtha dissipates. Just a theory of mine though.
Well there was some type of solvent used. Should Naphtha smell like moth balls or something else?
No, Naphtha will smell like old gasoline.

Mothballs smell like mothballs, and the stench of them can permeate everything and stick to anything.

Christmas presents from my grandparents when I was a kid always smelled like mothballs. We could tell it the gift was from them from the smell.

If it smells like mothballs, I'm betting the razor was kept in a closet with.... mothballs.
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