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DR Harris Marlborough soap, lather issues?

Thanks. That makes me feel better about my scenes of smell. LOL! I'm glad you mentioned "pencil shavings" because I was smelling that as well after a while and was questioning my sanity. I've been looking at the cologne and aftershave. They are proud of both. I'll probably pull the trigger on the cologne. I like the scents to last.
Did you buy the cologne yet?
I have the cologne and find it a little underwhelming in terms of longevity. I have all three, the soap, aftershave, and cologne, as I love the scent. I find the aftershave smells the strongest and the best to me. It seems to me there are more spicy notes that are more pronounced in the aftershave. None really last as long as I would like. Maybe my nose just settles into it rather quickly.
Anyone ever have problems loading and lathering Marlborough into anything useful? I've tried many times using every method I know and all I get is a foamy, airy mess with no lubrication. Fendrihan naturally won't take it back because I tried it. It's funny because I also bought the Lavender and that one loads and lathers fine, just like the Sandalwood. I'm using a synthetic brush that works beautifully with all other soaps.
I've reached out to DR Harris to see what they say but I wanted to see if anyone here had found the same thing.
I have a similar experience to you, maybe not as bad though. I was using a WSP soap for a long time and recently switched to Dr. Harris because it was recommended to be good for hard water. I find it takes a bit more work than my last soap to get a good lather and it can dry out on me if I don't build it up enough. It still works plenty well, however.
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