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A Fatboy is an adjustable. I assume you meant the difference between a Fatboy and a Slim Adjustable. The handle on the Fatboy is noticeably thicker than the handle on a Slim Adjustable. It isn't always easy to tell from online pictures.
Calling Fidgit!! Calling Fidgit!! He has a great post that details this difference with a great explanation on what to look for. I will try to find the link for you.
Calling Fidgit!! Calling Fidgit!!

/me leaps out of the phone booth !!!! :a20:

mmm, maybe I should have DEed my legs before putting these tights on

See my sig ( though I notice it's already been referenced in another post with the same question by the same OP :001_tongu)

Can't say about the SS handle comparison as these are the only two US villians that I have incarcerated, the rest are Brits.
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