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Disappearing Trumpers Rose?


I really enjoy smell of the rose cream from Trumpers, but have a problem when it's applied to my face: with two minutes the lather is almost gone, while it was nice and thick when I whipped it up:frown: I don't have this problem with either Mühle or Proraso creams and tried applying more or less water and used different brushes, so am I doing something wrong here or do more people have this problem?
I was getting same impression from rose which I just pointed out in noob section of forum. They advise, if it goes thin on skin while shaving just re-apply more and with each continiued relathering just exercise more with brush on wet face - disappiring lather could be associated with vaporizing water - so you moisten it with wet face. I would really like hearing from other people on this matter, because I really can't live with splinter of doubt that rose is a ****ty product. Oh the smell, :blushing:, the smell, did i mention the smell?:tongue:
Well, I used some more cream and more water than I'm used to with other products, and it works! Thanks for the suggestions everybody:cool:
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