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Different Darwin Deluxe Heads?

I have long been fascinated with the Darwin Deluxe razor and will own one someday (along with a #15 but that's another thread) and up until recently, I had known of 1 type of Darwin Deluxe razor head and that is the one that has Darwin on one side and the Reg number on the other. It is illustrated in this thread:


A recent Ebay listing had a Darwin Deluxe that had Darwin on both sides of the head and no Reg number. It is here:


I can't pull the pic off Ebay to post it here for posterity but has anyone else seen this before? I don't recall ever seeing it without the Reg number. Does anyone else have a Darwin like this? Thanks.
Thanks for posting the pics and nice catch on the flat top of the head. I wish we had more history on the Darwin. How many years and when exactly was it produced? With as many of these forums there are and the internet connecting the whole world, you would think we could find out more information.


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I know from other post I've found that the registration number on the Deluxe and the patent number on the Standard both date to 1927, but I think that actual production was mainly in the 1930s. I haven't been able to find out when they stopped making them.