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different brush = different lather ??

First day today with the tweezerman badger brush. Good lather from DR Harris soap, just like in pictures, but it acted different on my face. I lather to face, the lather was more smooth looking than with my old boar brush. It was shave #3 on a crystal in a gillette long handle adj and I usually do 4 shaves on one blade. Felt almost like a new blade and I was almost scared of it when I started, but made it through the shave with no blood. Is this normal to get a different feel for the same shave soap because of the different bristles on the brush? Appreciate your comments.
I haven't noticed a substantive change iin the texture of a lather, but with the right brush it does seem to hang together better, as in whipping cream. I don't have too much experience with many brushes, but have really taken to the boar bristle ones. The Badgers seem a bit...erm...unnecessary, to he honest and lacking in body.
As I try my cream samples, I make sure to use each at least twice, once apiece with both my brushes, in case there is any difference. I haven't noticed any differences in lather, but it has taught me a lot about how my brushes perform.
Thanks for the answers. I'll be experimenting. I'm also thinking to buy a good boar brush, just for the heck of it. Or maybe it was just me yesterday. I'll be checking out the new brush some more and see where it goes. Thanks again!
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