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Diamond coated blades

I saw this article and thought It would be neat to share. It would be awesome if DE shavers got these, hopefully they wont be limited to cartridges (if they ever get made)

The video at the bottom is pretty slick.
These have been discussed in the General Discussion area a few weeks back.

The gist of the conversation, is that such blades would be crazy expensive, and would have a limited interest in the shaving market place.

Gillette, and Schick have no interest in this concept, so they certainly wouldn't get behind such an effort.

Personna tried the long lasting blade concept in the 1970's with their famous "Personna 74's" that were made from Tungsten Steel. Creating a product that allows your customer to buy your product less often is not a very sound business practice. :lol::lol:

I tested one of the Personna 74's in a Schick Injector recently, and it was still going strong after 15 shaves!! :w00t:

Also, as I understand it, this company is still in the testing phase, and at this point doesn't have any backers to market the product for them, or provide the large amount of capital needed to go into full scale production.
Wow, that video is pretty cool!

I'm in the industrial cutting tool business, and can tell you that diamond coating tooling is extremely expensive.

Very effective, but extremely expensive.
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