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DE Razor as an Airplane Carry On?

Has anyone had any experiences carrying on a DE Razor and extra blades on a commerical airplane?

I would imagine that they would frown upon Straight Blades though.
I tape my spare blades to the bottom of an aerosol can- and I check a couple through as well, although with the terrorist activity today in the UK I imagine that all our shave gear will be checked from here on out.
You shouldn't have a problem carrying the DE as long as you don't have a blade. I just flew and when they scanned the carry on they pulled it aside to inspect it. From the xray image he asked if I had a DE razor so I imagine they have seen at least a few. They took it out to verify there was no blade in it and then just let me go.

I check the blades because I don't want to take a chance. A couple of years ago I forgot and had a cigar cutter and torch lighter in my toiletry pack and they stopped me. They confiscated the lighter but let me carry on the cutter...I thought for sure they would take both...go figure.
They let my cutter go through as well. My lighter was in my check-in bag and it was moved around/inspected by the TSA but left inside.

The next time I travel I will probably throw a 5 pack of Darby's in the toolbag I travel with while my dopp kit goes with me as carryon.

I figure the less I try to hide stuff the less of a pain I will get from the TSA if they want to check something out.
I put my DE razor in a carry-on bag a couple days ago with no problems.

But I just flew back today, and you can be sure that I checked everything from my razor to my Taylor's cream. :frown:
This was prior to the London debacle, but in Kansas City, the TSA officers took the razor blade from the Gillette adjustable I had in my carry-on. Had to purchase 10 new DE blades when I got where I was going, then threw 9 of them away prior to the trip home (I didn't have any checked luggage). What a waste!
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