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@Davidkimberly has been a member of B&B since Jul 3, 2018

01. How did you find Badger and Blade and why did you become a member?

I don't remember. Someone must have mentioned it in a video when I was considering starting traditional shaving.

02. When you did or if you are working, in general what did or do you do?

I taught special education

03. What part of the country where you were born do you like the most?

New Orleans, Louisiana. America's greatest, funkiest, most unique city. I was born here but moved to California when I was 5 years old. Finally moved back 50 years later. I can't imagine living anywhere else in the US

04. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Other than right here in New Orleans, I would love living in Sicily, my ancestral home.

05. Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?

I follow Saints football and Palermo Calcio
I run or more accurately plod
I go out for live music a lot
I have the same affinity (obsession?) with hats that I have with shaving products.

06. Why did you choose the avatar that you have now?

I just liked the picture. I dig those Listerine blade banks and have all three of them now.

07. If you could choose any person in the world, now or from the past, who would you like to sit down and have a drink with?

St Francis
Thomas Jefferson
Tich Nhat Hahn
Louis Prima

08. What is something you'd like to do, but have not had the opportunity to do it?

Walk the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome.

09. What is one thing or accomplishment in your life that you are proud of?

Staying married for this long (38 years so far)

10. What is one piece of advice that you would offer to people in general?

Make the better choice

11. If you could have any super hero power, what would you choose?

I always wanted to be able to be invisible but I think I'd rather be able to teleport and travel instantly.

12. If you had to choose to be a kind of animal, what would you want to be?

I don't know, maybe a mule.

13. What kind of music do you like?

When I was younger I was pretty discriminating but now I can't think of a music genre that I don't dig. I'm not crazy about Chinese folk music. I love everything from opera to the Grand ol' Opry. Being in New Orleans I hear lots of funk, jazz, zydeco, Cajun but lots of others.

14. If you could be any movie character, who would you like to be?

Kirk Douglas in Spartacus

15. If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the Title of that book be?

He had so much potential
I would be interested in your thoughts on one of the worlds great inventions: the muffaletta
Only gets better as it gets older. There are a few great places in town to get them. Now that Central Grocery has been closed for repairs caused by Hurricane Ida last summer my favorite is from Nor-Joe's Italian market. It's just another of the many amazing contributions of Sicilian immigrants to New Orleans.
The olive salad (or muffuletta mix) is under appreciated and great as a condiment on a lot of stuff.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
"The father of mindfulness." Well, I learned something today! Thanks.

Yes, a good muffaletta is wonderful. Boudin is another underappreciated treat; I chop it up and air fry it - amazing!

Many thanks.

Boudin is another underappreciated treat; I chop it up and air fry it - amazing!
Definitely should be considered a food group.
grilled outside, steamed, mixed with rice, in stuffing, you name it. I just got an air fryer so that's definitely going to happen.
The best I ever had was passed around the dance floor at Fred's Lounge in Mamou, LA by Tante Sue one Saturday morning.
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