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Damascus Buddel Razor

Here it is. My first damascus straight razor. The blade was forged for me from 1.2842 + 1.2552 + 75Ni8 with 96 layers. Now it has 63 HRC. The blade is a 13/16 quarter hollow.
The handle is from an approx. 10.000 year old iceage buffalo bone (see the rest of it on one of the photos). Wedge from polished buffalo horn with brass. Today I had my first shave with this baby and it was very close and smooth.
Hi. This the most beautiful razzor I have seen. The blade is so nice i love damas steel. The iceage buffalo scales are to die for.

If you ever want to make an old guy very happy you could part with it and send it to moi. I would gladly give you my axxress hihihi

Quebec Canada
That's damn cool. Not only does the bone look great, the design is very balanced and symmetrical with respect to the blade. They compliment each other very, very well.

I also would like to know where one gets such old bone. It looks gorgeous!

One year ago I bought this huge piece at ebay in the USA. But I only managed to get enought out for one handle.
Until now I waited to use it at a very special razor.
The blade and the scales mesh well and are a great complement to each other nicely.

Great work, thanks for sharing your photos.
Shank doesn't do much for me, but what a bitchin' piece of damascus, and a nice set of scales.

Great work - thanks so much for sharing!
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