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Common Bar Handled NEW

Today has been a good day for mail. An old Rolls Viscount and a Gillette NEW showed up on my desk just a bit ago…both from B&B’ers.

First up is this 1930’s Common Bar Handled (Bostonian?) NEW razor, with box, blade box and a handful of vintage blades.

Razor needs a bit of a polish and has some gold plate missing on the cap, but overall in quite good shape.


The box and blade box are in nice condition too. I particularly like the old Marlin Firearms blade….


A bit of Wenol polish, toothbrush and some elbowgrease should have this 3 Score and 10 slicing whiskers once again.


I like this old fellow already.
Randy, be really careful with the metal polish, the gold plating may come off with too much elbow grease (trust me, I did it to a 1930 aristocrat)!!
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