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Modded 60's tech .84

My 60's tech with the zamac cap has always been a good razor but so mild I hardly ever shaved with it. I would grab it for a touch-ups though. I really like the light weight and I love the simple 4 corners method of aligning the blade and how the blade is clamped close to the cutting edge.

I know about making shims from old blades - and they work fine for experimenting but it's a bit of a nuisance fiddling with them. So I made it semi-permanent (but easily reversible) using copper tape. I have this copper tape on hand to shield the control cavity of electric guitars and basses. It is pure copper (so fairly soft and malleable) and the stick-um is quite good. If you de-grease the surfaces first it holds really well and lasts a long time.

I ended up with .84 blade gap and the best shaving razor I have ever used. It is a very light razor so if you are a fan of heavy razors this wouldn't be for you - but I love how light it is. Mine has a custom, aluminum handle (made by a B&B member) which gives it a really nice balance. The whole razor comes in at 47g.

I've tried it with various stainless handles and it always felt too tail heavy for me - so I really like the aluminum handle. But I've been tempted to try one of the hollow handles that Razorock has now or the thin bar handle. It also feels really good with the hollow handle from my 1935 British FB New and that weighs 1.5g less than the Aluminum handle.

If you're interested in trying it out, these late 1960's techs can be found for dirt cheap but most common is with the short travel handle. Razorock has a selection of affordable handles that will fit.

I was just looking at Razorock site and the Thin Bar handle is only 40g and I think that is the lightest stainless handle they sell. The hollow HD handle is 56g. But the hollow HD is fatter at 14mm while the thin bar is only 10mm. My 1935 handle is 10mm and it looks tiny but feels really comfortable to me even though I have large hands.

For comparison, here is my 1935 Gillette next to my largest razor, the Mühle R41GS
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