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Cold Water Shavers - UNITE!

Are there any other cold water shavers out there and if so would you be interested in starting a club, order, society, fellowship, brotherhood, squadron, alliance, union, lodge, guild, league, federation, association or some other such thing (assuming one doesn't already exist - in which case I can't find it. If you qualify and are interested, reply with your top three names for such a group. Look around the forum if you haven't already to see what others have done (e.g. BOTOC, BOSS, LEMS, OTK). I've no idea what many of them are but let's add our own to the list.

Moderators, please respond if this call to arms does not comply with forum protocol.
I love cold water - I am 100% sure the God made it cold for shaving and white bears exclusively. I see the need and meaning of cold water. But I do not clearly see the meaning or need of club/party/group. If we have a thread for cold shaving - what the club is for? What we will do there? Are we going to have a war against the hot people around, or some contest or ... I must stop here, rightnow!
Cold water shaver here! After reading the 1905 shaving made easy book, it suggested cold water shaving, and I gave it a try. I get a lot less irritation and am able to shave off whiskers easier. I have a wirey beard.

I'd rather shave the way men did hundreds of years ago with no pre-shave oils and just sticking to the basics of an old fashioned wet shave. Just look at pics of men from the 19th century who are bbs looking, and I can guarantee that most used cold water. :001_smile

I'm in!
Kudos to Gargoyle47 on "C.O.L.D." I think this is it but in fairness to some other folks who have sent PMs, is it OK with everyone if we hold off on the final decision for another day? I've gotten a fair amount of responses that I'm still trying to sort through. By tomorrow night (sorting out my healthcare coverage today), I should be able to post a poll or something and then we can all make it official. After all it's important to follow a democratic process for these kinds of things.


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Oh, so now that it's spring everyone wants to be a tuffguy cold water shaver. Where were you all in January? :tongue_sm
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