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Cold Brew newbie here

So, I have always been a so called coffee fan. Basically a hobby which was just limited to Nescafe and Starbucks and said to everyone that i like coffee ( i know i know, that i had no clue).

Now, after a very small research and since i had some time at work, i found out about cold brew. Dont have anything at home currently so found a local roaster here in Dallas and got coffee from him yesterday and setup to brew my coffee last night.

So, now i am looking for some suggestions:

1. First up, anyone in Dallas area can suggest for best source of coffee?
2. Any nice recipes i can use my cold brew for. I was planning to add heavy whipping cream and ice!
3. I bought the Bod brew system for cold brew, i hope it was the right choice. It seems easy to use and also dishwasher safe as that was a very very important requirement :)
4. I really dont want to go down the rabbit hole of beans and grinding but still if you have to suggest a cheap and easy alternative for that, i am open to hear your thoughts.
Thanks, i did a search and was going through those threads as well while hoping someone can point me in Dallas to a nice coffee source.
Interesting concept. I've poured coffee over ice, but never thought to brew it cold like that.

I have read some very nice things about cold brew. The Bod brew I bought is also very nicely designed and the owner was very responsive and provides great customer service. He forgot to add one accessory to my order, now he is sending it separately while also adding a couple other accessories which I think was great on his part.

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That BOD model you've got looks a treat. I have a very small Hario since I'm the only coffee drinker here but it's a tedious little bugger to work with.. and I get so annoyed with it that I've never used it enough to learn the tricks.

My father was a cold brew fanatic.. I can't remember the brand or model of the brewer he used but each batch made used a pound of coffee..
This one uses half a pound, just today morning the 36hr brewed coffee was utilized to make a nice quick coffee. Just added a bit of milk and sugar. The coffee tasted pretty nice and of course cold brewed means less acidic and bitter.
Somehow doesnt let me edit the previous post. Just to add i could re-brew the half pound again for 12 more hrs to get even more yield.
I think you are on a good start, in regards to brew times and re-brewing. I used to cold brew using a french press but have not done so for a long time.

The following statement may be too simplistic and could possibly be very wrong as I have not done enough experimentation but I don't expect the choice of coffee to matter very much when cold brewing. Since only part of the coffee is being extracted and not the "higher" more aromatic flavors which most differentiates one coffee origin and blend from another. For example one might be willing to pay many dollars/pound more to experience the fruitiness or sweetness of one coffee over another, but much less so when cold brewing since most of those flavors are left behind. With cold brewing you get that baseline coffee flavor that everyone is familiar with, making the choice of roast level (medium vs dark) much more important.

I would recommend whole bean and a burr grinder in any case.
I don't enjoy cold brew and I don't care about how healthy and less acidic it is. A nice iced espresso is better for me. As for coffee grinders I tried a few but couldn't get good results, the grain size was not right, some times the coffee would develop its oils (temperature problem from friction or motor heat). The best result I got was from a Hario manual grinder with convex ceramic blades, it's either that or a really expensive electric one. The mid priced electric grinders are not very good.
I gave cold brewing a try last summer. I followed all the suggestions from Coffee Geek and Home Barista. In the end I felt like the results weren't worth the time and the amount of coffee beans required to deliver a drink that I didn't care for.
Some interesting comments here. I totally agree that time invested doesn't seem like giving equivalent results. Time to look at manual grinder now.

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I have done cold brewed coffee probably 50 or so times. I use two quart jars. I put the ground coffee and water in one and let it sit in the fridge for at least a day. Then I use a funnel and coffee filter and pour it into the second jar and it sits in the fridge. I then get three good cups of coffee out of it. I have done a lot of coffee styles and rotate through. I will do drip, french press, cold. I will do bullettproof coffee, black, with cream, or with baileys.
It's about time for me to start cold brewing again. I just do it overnight in my French press. All I do different is use 8 scoops of coffee instead of 7 when I brew it hot.
I just had the cold brew coffee with just cream and ice. I must say taste wise it's much better, of course it comes down to what you want in your coffee but theoretically this is less acidic so psychologically I feel better [emoji39]

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