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Col. Conk's large pucks

I think I'm gonna put a hole in the bottom of one of my favorite glycerine soaps soon. Who's got the best deal on a large puck of Col. Conk's amber? I think it's a 5 oz. puck. I never see it advertised. Are they still made?
I see your name and avatar... and it brings back many memories of Kailua Kona, and a zillion other places I used to frequent when I lived on O'ahu...

A hui hou kakou - Aloha

-- now back to the regular scheduled program --
Its actually a Rorschach inkblot test...

Huh, that's uncanny. I could have sworn it was a z1-z3 stage shrimp.

Anyhoo, back to soap. Thanks for the link to the Col Conk site and the heads up on Vintage blades 40boy and Freezerburns!
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