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FT Col. Conk Dovo Straight Razor

I was gifted a Col. Conk straight razor set last holiday season by someone that must have heard my musings on learning to shave with a straight. Alas I found that rabbit hole is one I wasn't interested in falling any further into and settled on a Feather Artist Club instead.

The Dovo razor itself retails for $105. I'll include another straight that I purchased from an antique store with the idea of learning to hone with it. Neither razors are shave ready. There are a strop and stone that came with if you're interested.

In trade I'm looking for safety razor/s, brush/es, soap/s... you get me. I'd like retail value to be in the ballpark of the razor. Please let me know if you have any questions. US only please and shipping via USPS with tracking.


The photo on top is the Dovo.
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