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Code of Conduct.....

It has come to the mod teams attention that a code of conduct should be established in order to facilitate positive learning, growth, knowledge transfer and fun! If you feel as though there should be some sort of guideline we should all follow - feel free to tack it onto this thread.

We can modify these, and shape them to what we desire, but here is my first suggestion....

1.) No personal attacks, or hostility will be tolerated - by ANY member, moderator, etc. Personal attacks on the open forum are unnecessary - and immediate and severe action will be taken against those who break this code of conduct. If you wish to call someone a bastard - by all means do so, but keep in behind the scenes, man to man, in private.

Keep the ball rolling fellas - time to kick out the stool and get this place hoppin'.
Please remember, we are here to discuss shaving, with a little variety of topics offered in various forums. We are here to have fun, share ideas, help others and participate in the passion we call "wet shaving". Opinions will vary, and disagreements will happen. When this occurs, putting on the boxing gloves and climbing into the ring is not an option. Verbal attacks are not an option either. The decision that from time to time many of us will agree to disagree really has already been made. Let us all live up to that agreement.

Don't complain when you know for a fact that you've been inflammatory and reprimanded thusly. You knew what you were doing when you were doing it and you knew it wouldn't turn out well.
This thread is 3 years old and predates most of our membership here.

The B&B terms of use are the most cut-n-dry, common sense rules I've ever seen for any forum I've spent time on. There are currently several stickies in the relevant subforums re: conduct, with very fair and clear directives. Do people really need to keep forcing this discussion?
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