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Cleaning up neck under beard

Sorry if this has been discussed, I couldn't quite find the answer I was looking for.

I recently decided to try growing a short beard, so I had my barber shape it by lining up the cheeks and creating a neckline, and I love the way it looks! But now I'm trying to keep the neckline and shave my neck, but I'm not sure the best method of doing so.
I used to shave a safety razor with a feather blade, then moved to a Feather Artist Club Wood DX, also with a feather blade. Now for the past year and a half, I've only been using a trimmer set on 1mm, with a rare shave once or twice a year.

Now that I want to completely shave under the beard, I have tried using a trimmer with no guard followed by a foil shaver, but I don't get as sharp / clean of a line as I'd like, so I'm thinking I should go back to the safety razor or straight razor, but my problem is it is hard to create a good neckline with shaving cream in the way. Is there a clear shaving cream or gel that would help in this regard? What is best method for creating a clean neck / jawline with a beard?
Use the DE razor and blade of your choice. Shave your neck as you normally would. To trim and set the hair line, use a steep angle and short strokes along the margin.
The DX would work quite well for this. You can use whatever lather you like, just when you get close to the beard line, wipe the lather off with your finger so you can see better-- enough should stay on the skin to provide slickness for that last half inch or so. This is how I do it when I'm sporting a goatee. You can also use the index finger of your free hand to sort of roll the beard hair up so that you can see to shave underneath the overhang. Done right it will also give the skin a good stretch.
I got used to how the razor feels when the cap touches my jawline, and I kinda just follow that. I check in the mirror between passes, and adjust. It gets harder to keep it even as the beard grows longer, but I am only able to notice when I trim my beard back down and can see that like again.

My beard fluctuates between 3mm and... Whatever 3mm plus a couple/few months grows out to.

Edit: I forgot to mention I use a DE razor, usually a Lupo.
Hair conditioner or cheap avon [vomit] underarm deodorant will give a see through slippery lube. DE placed on the line you want then down stroke, repeat for the next razor widths.

It will need redoing in two days anyway, like the difference between a good and bad haircut is a week.
You can still use the trimmer to knock down the whiskers, then finish with a DE razor. That way, you only have to follow the line you have already made.

Use a thin layer of shaving soap, such as from a soap stick (La Toja, Speick, etc.). Rub in with your fingers to build a little lather. You can see though a thin layer of soap. I found an open comb razor made a neater line. Fatip Grande, Muhle R41, Gillette NEW, something like that. Use a sharp blade like Perma-Sharp Super, Nacet, Gillette Silver Blue, etc.
You must try Jack Black Beard lube. It has superb lubricating properties and might satisfy your needs nicely. I love it and almost quit face lathering because JB is so effective. Another positive is that you can actually see what you are shaving and you are not flying blind through a puffy shave souffle.
I have a beard and when I shave my neck I minimize the amount of shave lather that covers the interface between my beard and the shaved part of my neck. If I need to I'll swipe away some of the lather to improve visibility, still leaving sufficient lubrication for the blade, and I've successfully used a variety of DE, SE, Straights, and AC razors Been doing it this way for years -- easy peasy.
Cremo. It really doesn't lather, but it will give you a nice slick base to shave over and you will able to see what you're doing.
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