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FS Cleaning Out - Razors, Brush, Soaps & A/S, GEC Spyderco Benchmade Coldsteel Knives

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Hello all,

I'm clearing out some items. All prices are CONUS only, PayPal G&S, fees and shipping included. All items come in the original packaging (if applicable) unless otherwise stated. I will do my best to describe all items, but reference pictures for condition. Sorry, I'm not the best photographer. If you want better pictures of an item, message me. All razors are as clean as I could get them and sanitized in barbicide.

Just trying to get some items I no longer use to good homes. Not looking to hurt anyone's feeling on prices. I researched these items and priced in line with what I found.

Sorry for all the pics. Any questions do not hesitate to PM me.

1. Tallow & Steel Kyoto Set, used approx 12x. $40
2. A&E SoCal Hipster set, used approx 10x. $25
3. The Club Signature set, used approx 10x. $25
4. Shaver Heaven Sweet Almond Milk (tallow), used 3x. $15
5. Shannons Soaps Copaiba Rose, used 3x. $12
6. Simpson's Chubby 2 Super. Brush is a bit of a shedder losing 10+ hairs per shave. Brush has only been used a handful of times. $125
7. Timessless Bronze .38 gap with stand. $100
8. CooncatBob Ultralight Mastiff New Open Comb head. Razor was direct from Bob, the plating is imperfect on the top cap. I received it that way. $50
9. Rocnel Sailor 2019 LE. Purchased from Bullgoose. $400
10. Gold Dollar. Used this razor to learn straights. Purchased from the Stallion and may need a touch up to the edge. Free to anyone looking to get into straights.

I can sharpen any of the knives before shipping for you but know that I am not the best at it (no mirror edges or anything like that).

11. GEC #15 Beer Scout Knife. Coes with tube and pin. $200
12. GEC #35 Chuchill Smooth Yellow Rose Bone. Comes in tube, missing pin. $200
13. CEG #74 Mustang Smooth Yellow Rose Bone. Comes with tube and pin. $200
14. Case Small Stockman Red Stag. THIS IS A VERY SMALL KNIFE. $35
15. Benchmade 470 Emissary. Opens and closes good, but there is movement in the blade, side to side and up and down. Small ding along the spine. I've never contacted Benchmade. $65
16. Benchmade Mini-Griptilian. $80
17. Spyderco Endura 4. Orange is faded on one side, just from sitting. $60
18. Al-Mar Eagle HD Cutlery Shoppe Exclusive. $125
19. Coldsteel Recon 1 Tanto. Has coating wear mostly on tip. Also was sanded down under the pocket clip to avoid shredding pants. $20
20. Maratac AAA Copper flashlight. $25
21 Promethus AAA flashlight. No box. $15.

Is the straight free with purchase of anything else or just free? I've been wanting to try a straight...
Is the straight free with purchase of anything else or just free? I've been wanting to try a straight...

Sorry, but the Gold Dollar has already been claimed.

CooncatBob razor
Gold Dollar
Copaiba Rose
Maratac Flashlight
Thorfire Flashlight
Benchmade Emissary

Are all sold
Cooncat Bob....haven't seen one of those in a while, especially at a fair price.

Hopefully someone who will appreciate it, got it.

Nice items and prices.
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