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Chrome oxide on fabric weaving strop?

Hey all,
I have a straight I've been learning on for a few months now. I'm pretty sure while learning to strop I dulled the razor a bit. I have some chromium oxide I picked up from Lee valley tools "Veritas".

Its crayon style. I'm wondering if I can use it on my fabric strop. I only have one strop. Its from classicshaving.com. one of the mountain mike ones. it doesn't say what the fabric weaving its made of is exactly:


First of all, will I get decent results using the ChromOx on the fabric part of this? secondly, does it matter that its my only strop? I still will have an unpasted leather side for regular use so i shouldn't need the fabric side for anything other than touch ups like this right?

Thanks for the help!
You could try it on the backside of the cloth strop. I really didn't care much for it on the linen. For better results get a piece of balsa an use it on the balsa wood.
I've tried the crayon on several materials and I don't like it. The powder is my choice because I can mix it with oil,water,or alcohol.
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