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Chin area Hard to Shave :(

Hey, sorry I couldn't reply sooner, I was busy in assignments.

These are some really great advice provided by very experienced and understanding people.

What your problem areas may be an easy area for others, all things considered - have faith in your skills, you will figure it out and then it'll become easier.

Only additional recommendation I can give is if possible, you can increase the number of shaves per week.

This will help you by :
1) Giving you more turns to practice the shave

2) Hair growth will be shorter and maybe easier to manage

3) What you learn in today's shave may be quickly implemented in the following shave, thus giving you a chance to see if it actually worked or not.

4) Pre shave conditioning like hot water splash/ towel on face etc can be helpful in softening the beard.

Heaven forbid, if nothing works, then you can share the steps with pics/ video at appropriate sub-head or where the seniors suggest.

Good luck.

Ps: I'm also quite new to wet shaving and I'm learning each day through shaving and going through the posts and there is a lot of improvement for me as well.



Lots of good advice above. IMO it would be a good idea to shave more than once a week- you're dealing with less stubble each time. And, if you miss a bit one day, you'll get it the next shave. As you're aging, your beard may still be getting denser. Each of us are different, but for me it seems as if my beard got much tougher in my early 30s and has become coarser still in the decades since. Only recently, late 60s, have I felt it has gotten easier to manage. Or, perhaps after 50 years of shaving, I just finally got the hang of it :001_smile .

If you really seek perfection, than it helps to run a cotton ball or pad on your face soon after it has fully dried from a shave to see precisely where any remaining/missed stubble lies. Once you identify those little areas, use your index finger as a mock razor to see what direction to best approach each small trouble area. Then, in the next shave try and use your razor lightly in that direction. Be patient, it's a process.

Most troubling was your description that your passes were unpleasant. No shaving pass should be uncomfortable. IMO comfort dominates all. A poorer, but comfortable shave is better to me than a close shave with much irritation. You'll be shaving for another 50 years, and the hair will grow back tomorrow anyway. A sharper blade may help, using less pressure may help, or adjusting your approach angles may help. Each time I pick up a razor the goal is smooth and comfy; if it's not, I'm screwing up.

Relax, you, like many of us, will get there in time.
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