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What did you buy from Cheapeake Knife and Tool

  • Merkur HD Razor

  • Merkur Slant Bar Razor

  • Merkur DE blades

  • Straight Razor(s)

  • Col Conk Shave Soap

  • Knives

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In an effort on my part to see how many sales this website helped produce, if you bought a razor (or anything else) from Chesapeake Knife and Tool recently during their going out of business sale, please fill out the poll and post your purchase, I don't care about price, just how many razors and blades we moved.

I'll start:

Merkur HD Razor
Merkur Slant Bar Razor
Merkur DE blades - 7 packs
Kyle said:
You are now fully equipped to do a comparo between the two comb styles (hint, hint).

Well, yes, that is true. However, one HD was supposed to be for my brother. Maybe I'll do the comparison and then ship one off.
Well, I called a few days ago and he didn't have anything left. He said some guy named Art cleaned them out :biggrin:. He had 1 slant on reserve but the guy hadn't called back yet. He took down my info and said he'll give me a call if the other guy flakes.
I called to see about getting a slant and/or a 1904. He told me he needed to check on his stock and would get back to me. He never did...
They, um....ran out of blades....yeah, thats it, they ran out.

You probably have the open comb model, the second one they have sent out, so it seems to me that they have run out of the regular HD's. There is an obvious difference between the open comb and the regular HD, but since you mention a comb sepecifically, I think you have that one. Try calling them back to see if they will exchange it if you don't like it.

birchhook said:
I just got my HD from Chesapeake. I'm an idiot for not thinking to order blades! Thankfully one sample blade was included. Can't wait to try it - my first DE - yikes.

My HD looks like it has a comb, but it's pretty short. Is that correct? It looks like the one in the review has a comb as well. - http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1778

Well Kyle messaged me some pics of his. Mine must be the open comb model. Now I wonder if that's what I want. I told Shawn at CK&T that it was the model 178 that I wanted. Is that the right number or did I mess up?
Well, I called Shawn and he said that he was sorry, they are basically closed so they can't get a regular HD in. He did say that he would send me a pre-paid box to return the razor in, and then they would refund the money ("sometime" is what he said). I almost said that I'd keep it and post it on the forum, but he seemed to really be trying to make it right. Good service from a place that's closing.
I just wanted everyone to know that I did get my refund from Chesapeake. They sent me a box with prepaid shipping. I returned the razor. They sent me a reciept that showed a credit to my card. It's too bad to see a store with this level of customer service going out of business.
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