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Chasing the badger (a newbie's saga)

Lurking for a few days, finding lots of great info here, posted my first "newbie" post, and went about studying more.

Deciding one of the first pieces of kit I need to purchase is a brush, and research here clearly shows a favorite in the Crabtree and Evelyn Best Badger Brush, by Edwin Jagger. Sounds like just the ticket!

Reading through the acronyms and abbreviations, I clicked the link for C&E's website. No joy, can't seem to find that brush anywhere. A couple of pure badger travel brushes are all I can find by Edwin Jagger. Hmm.. Cruise eBay, lot's of various pure badger, only a couple of Edwin Jagger Best Badgers, and way more than the $35 I'd heard about all over the site here. I called the number on the C&E web site. The lady at the other end doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about. Leads me to the Edwin Jagger Collection on the site, but it's not there. She says it may be something they'll have again in the future...

Was I doing something wrong? Then, I saw it. The note on C&E in the Wiki about filing bankruptcy in July! On the store locater, I find 3 company stores listed in my area, all say "reopening soon". I'll call anyway. First store, they answer. Lady has no idea what I'm talking about, but the only brush she has is in a set with stand. Second one I call, I get a recording "Welcome to GMAC" (woops? Misdial? Checking the number, nope... wrong number listed on their site!). Looking them up with my phone I get a number, no answer.

Meanwhile, I'd been to Edwin Jagger's site, found I can order them direct from the UK. But it's going to cost about $10 more. No big deal I guess, I would spend $2 on sales tax here, and gas to get to their store and back. But I'd have to wait...:rolleyes: and the British Post can be a bit er... slow. Ebay has a couple of other decent looking alternatives, Edwin Jagger Super Badger brushes, I can order now, get delivered in a few days for $30. Hmm...

One more C&E location to try. Called and talked with a nice lady, she told me about their plight, how they were going to close, but are now reopening soon (the other WAS open). Expecting lots of stock in Fri. and hope to be open Mon. But wait, she checks stock... she HAS one!

Yay, I found the elusive Best Badger :biggrin: (Okay, I'm being a bit sarcastic here... but I really wanted that one).

Now, hopefully I can pick it up Monday (says she's put it aside for me). Now, I'm just thinking... maybe I should pick up that Edwin Jagger Super Badger from eBay too? Just to be safe... (might like it better, though I gather it is more towards the Silver Tip from reading their site info). Couldn't hurt to have two good brushes, I'm sure lots here have several. Is this the beginning of what they call SBAD? :cool:

Anyway, hopefully Monday I'll be able to try out my first brushed lather in years (note to self, get some shaving soap in a bowl, and put off the morning shave! :biggrin:)
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Congratulations! Those hunting skills are finely honed! As for the super badger, it should be a better grade of hair, but it may be rather floppy if it's larger overall than the C&E best.
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