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Cerax in the UK

Just passed my King 1000/6000 to a koleague of mine and looking for new stone. I was thinking of Cerax Super 1000 for setting the bevel. Any experience? Does anyone know where to get it in the UK/ Thank you for help.
Thank you for the reply. I am avare of those websites. A friend of mine has this stone
and is very hapy with its' performance. Most of the other stones you can get now through the Invisibleedge.
I wanted something more local, because if anything goes wrong it is more expensive to sort it out than the deal is worth. perhaps i will have to consider Norton, which is again quite rare (and expensive) here or return back to King.
I have had hones from both of the German suppliers and the products arrived well packaged and the companies both spoke English and were a pleasure to deal with.
I do understand your concerns but I couldn't find anyone locally.

I have been usuing the 800/5000 Naniwa "superstone". It is very soft to use and clogs too easily for my liking. It does do a good job on razors with a reasonable bevel but on chipped razors or badly set blades, I prefer wet and dry sandpaper. The sandpaper cuts and removes metal much more efficiently. The 5000 grit side works well as a progression.

I've watched Steve at the invisible edge using a 3" wide 1200 grit diamond hone (DMT) and it and Steve do a great job. They are quite expensive, but the bevel setting is key to getting a good edge.

I've also bought razors from this guy, www.fine-razors.de and if you read his section on honing, he likes the Cerax 1000. I know from the blades I have bought of him that he knows what he is doing.

I think my ideal choice would be a DMT 1200 grit, followed by a Blue Belgian cotticule, followed by a good natural finishing hone such as a Charnley Forest, a Japanese Suita or Nakayama. If they are too expensive, a Chinese 12K followed by Chromium Oxide paste on leather also yields the finest of edges. Now if you think its difficult finding Japanese synthetics in the UK, wait until you start looking for natural stones.

Happy hunting.
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Fine-razor I believe is Budel's website. My frien bought Cerax by his recommendation. At present I am just experimenting wit my setup and have some nice finishing stones Czech slate, New Muller Thuringer, 2 Charnley Forests), King 4000, but nothing for setting the bevel. For future I would like to try Belgians.
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