Cast iron tea pot?

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    I was wondering what everyone here thought about using cast iron tea pots? We are newbees to finer tea drinking but want to start getting into it.
    We don't want to start out with a clay pot just yet, with teens in the house and one likes tea it would last about a week before it broke. Plus we have a cat that seems to like knocking over glasses lately.

    My wife likes the look of this one, a Nara. Is a cast iron tea pot a good idea or not? Good for tea drinking I mean.

  1. I don't know if I would drink tea out of it. I thought they were used to humidify rooms when they sat on the stove?
  2. +1 for this. I don't know how you would keep it from rusting inside.

  3. Yep, use them for wood stoves to keep things humid
  4. There are some made for brewing tea.

    From here.
    I have a small Roji cast iron teapot similar to the one shown below that I have been using for years.
    It is glazed on the inside and has a removable stainer.


    There are a few nice ones for sale below. iron teapot&sprefix=cast+iron+t,aps
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  5. Yes this is so posed to be for brewing tea, it has a glazed interior. But what do I know......that's why Im asking.

    I know what you guys are saying about the one for wood stoves though.
  7. I've had no problems with the glazing. It is very hard, much like the inside of enameled cast iron cookware.

  8. gearchow

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    I would imagine (which means nothing really) that it would be even more likely to survive as utensils aren't being used against the surface.

  9. I had one several years ago that was made for tea. Hated it. Between the weight of the cast iron and the weight of the water you needed two hands to pour it.
  10. We just researched teapots, and honestly, after watching Alton Brown's tea episode we didn't want that much work.

    But we did decide on a decent tea pot even though it's not iron.

  11. I have a small cast iron pot (just enough for 2 cups of tea) that I dearly love. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure the outside is completely dried when you are finished using it. I did not dry the outside completely one time and I ended up with a rust ring on the counter where I store it. It did no damage to the pot and the rust ring cleaned right up though.
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    I love them. I love the look, the feel. They keep the tea hot.

    Yes, they require more upkeep, but it is like a straight razor. I do that. Some things are worth a bit more effort.


  13. Cast iron work GREAT, ,,I have several, but given so many easier options, along with some that have more room for leaf expansion, I seldom use them
  14. Looks nice (and Japanese made). Who makes that pot?
  15. Yes KnurledNut, how about a link? Could be option number two.

  16. Glazed one for Hot tea,water or cocco. Unglazed for stove tops to add moisture to the air.
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  18. Thanks xillion very helpful, looks like now we have a decision to make. Seems like we are leaning to cast iron pot.

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