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CAR Wet Shaving Paste separation!

Hello all:

My CAR Hydrolast Wet Shaving Paste has separated and is now quite "soupy." What can I do to get it back into proper form?

~Tim :cool:
Separated as in now you can see at least two different substances, or is it just more of a smooth cream/lotion than a paste?

Yeah, call and talk with Charles or his wife Jean. Let me know what you find out. None of mine have separated so I'd be interested to find out what happened.

I did a search here using the term "separation" that led me to this thread:
Brett G had a good idea when it comes to spinning the jar in order to get the ingredients to "remix." I haven't tried it, yet.
Update: I tried the spin technique, but with a twist: I did not throw the jar up in the air, but instead rotated it back and forth rapidly between my hands. This seems to work quite well!

~Tim :cool:
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