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Captain's Choice

I'd be all over the lime. The north however reminds me of gin too much, which I've shared intimate evenings with my porcelain buddy a few too many times from to enjoy the AS. I ended up pifing my samples of it. Once I get through my other 20 soaps, CC Lime will be in my cart.
The captain updated his thread Here: http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/451444-New-timeline-for-product-release on the 10th, stating that he expected them in by the 18th.

So If he hasn't release them yet, there must be a delay. He's a small operation with a couple of employees, and high demand for his products. Just be patient, it'll come.

Trust me, I'm just as anxious, if not more, to get my hands on North shaving soap than anyone. His Bay Rum soap is great, and North is my favorite scent.
I'd be all over the lime. The north however reminds me of gin too much...
the North AS does smell like gin straight out of the bottle, but not once you apply it.
I've been waiting for Lime and North too. I have tester samples of his Bay Rum and a pre-release tub of Sandalwood and both are top notch.
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