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Can you identify this one?


It looks very nice. Can you identify it? Thanks.
Yes, it's a beautiful German razor. Here's some info:

Bontgen & Sabin AG Stahlwarenfabrik

The company existed 1870 -1983. Registered 22nd December 1876. Located Solingen, Mittelstrasse 13 since 1935 and on, renamed in Elsa-Brandstrom-Strasse 13-15, with 1939 till 1970. The factory was founded in August, 1870th by Walter Bontgen and Louis Sabin. In 1900 the factory is present at lists of associations of manufacturers of knifes, metal products, straight razors, scissors and souvenirs, Patent Taschenmesser and Priniessinscheren was granted to it.

Brandnames: Loreley (1895 No10122), Cosmopolit (1895 No10470), Кappapa (1895 No10015), Rhein (1895No9957), Flying Dutchman (1897 No25019), Flying Scotchman (1902 No55271), Ezyshave (1898 No34432), Autocrat (1899 No35531), Zando (1902 No55964), Clansman (1902 No55059), Bonsa (1902 No52288), Sarina, Sabina, Autofix, Bellring, Bonanza, Hector, Hindenburg, Keystone, Klosscut, Midget, Mois, Nagraf, Fussball and Football, SSS im Kreis.

Trademarks: B&S in diamond and a rectangle (1901 No49959), a foot and a football, and the unknown trademark (No 103529).

Source: http://strazors.com/index.php?id=66&doc=bontgen_and_sabin_ag_stahlwarenfabrik

Enjoy it!

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