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Can you date a SS Flair made in England?

I picked this up today in a sweet travel kit, and I was wondering if it can be dated? It is made in England, and has a small number "11" stamped on the back. I looked in the wiki, but can't find a year for "11".


II is no date code. These British razors were not dat coded.
This one is known as a Flair Tip Rocket from around 1954.
Very nice shaver!
The II represents the "agressiveness".

The Blue Tip has a I and the Red Tip a III.

My guess it had to do with the manufacture process so they could match the heads to the tips but then again maybe it's so you'll still know when all your paint came off :001_smile
The British razors were not date coded until a lot later than the US made ones. Only the last few models made in the UK have specific date codes.