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Can Anyone Help Me Date This Razor?

Hi all. I have a Silver Tip Gillette Super Speed I found in the wild. If I'm looking at this correctly the date code is A 1. I wasn't able to find much online regarding dating vintage Gillettes. One website that I did find seemed to indicate that the letter "A" may stand for 1955. Can anyone verify this or correctly date my razor?
Probably won't collect. This was my first DE razor. I found it in an antique store when I was considering ditching my electric razor and I took the plunge. I think I paid $10.00 for it. The plating is a bit dull but the razor is in otherwise perfect working condition.

I find this razor to be too mild a shaver for me. I favor my 38C these days. I tend to keep this one just for travel. I'm considering getting rid of it and replacing it with an HD or something similar.

Thanks for the link though. You never know when you'll run across something cool in an antique shop that you just have to have.
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