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I think these belong in a different category than my earlier restores since I'm using an entirely new process. ie, a buffer. The results are no less than incredible considering the time that went into each piece and the starting condition of the starting piece. However, the time savings is mitigated by the increased dangers to my well being. Do not, I repeat, do not think about buying a buffer lightly. They are extremely dangerous, both to the razor and to your health. It took me many months to decide I was ready and able to take the risk. Anyway, I take all the precautions and read much literature on the subject, and I've still got all 10 fingers and no broken blades.

I actually haven't received my order of wheels and more buffing compounds so I'm basically just using some ryobi SS compound crap from Home Depot and some white rouge from widget. Some better quality restores will be forthcoming in the upcoming week. But after that its back to the books.


http://s615.photobucket.com/albums/tt235/ltyau/For Sale 2/
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Here is a test blade. As you can see it was and still probably is a lost cause. Thing has plenty of pitting near the edge, probably won't take an edge. Probably going to Fnord for some horrible surgery. Anyway, heres the before and after pictures. What I did was start with 120 grit greaseless, progress through 400 grit, emery, SS compound, & crox. The progress shot is after the 400 grit.
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