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brush shedding

What the heck is happening here? I have a super badger by C&E (edwin jagger)... Is it normal for the hairs to come out of the brush? It's not a lot, but 1-5 hairs usually shed out when I use it.

I use Proraso and C&E Almond...

thanks for the help!
ras said:
About one month old.
If you are using this brush everyday and not abusing it, you need to return it. Five hairs per use for the first week or two is nothing to be concerned about, but now there would appear to be a problem. One finds hair shedding in the beginning as a result of inadequate combing, hairs fractured during the process of shaping the bundle or setting the knot. After that, this sort of shedding is likely the result of a problem in manufacture where the hairs are being cast off or shorn.
I agree that seems like a lot of hair-loss. I have a C&E brush and have been using it for over a month and can't remember seeing it shed a hair after week one. Take it back in exchange for another one.
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